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The travel sector in Hong Kong and China is competitive. But through a combination of targeted products and a keen understanding of our customers,?Miramar Group is the top choice among travel providers. We have captured the mass-market tour business with new and exciting travel products, making Miramar Travel one of the leading agencies in Hong Kong. Because of our interests in all fields of the hospitality industry, we are able to offer travel clients unsurpassed convenience, choices and service.

  • Miramar Travel

    With branches across Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, Miramar Travel is the trusted choice for providing worldwide tours, booking air tickets and hotels, cruise holidays, free and individual travel packages and space travel of Virgin Galactic.

    Miramar Travel

  • Miramar Express

    For cruises and car rentals, Miramar Express has been a proven, reliable choice for our customers. We arrange bookings with six-star cruise holidays, including Crystal Cruise, voted the World’s Best Cruise by Conde Nast Traveller.

    Miramar Express

  • YMT Travel

    YMT Travel Ltd is a tour operating agency focusing on local, Macau and China short haul trips. The market share in Hong Kong’s travel industry has been increasing since it targeted the younger market segment by developing South East Asia and long haul tours.

    YMT Travel